In-Line Production System REAR AXLE ALIGNMENT



THE TRUCKCAM REAR AXLE ALIGNMENT SYSTEM is designed to align the driven axle perpendicular to the frame. This alignment is important to make sure that the frame will travel parallel to the road.



TWO SELF CENTERING industrial frame gauges with integrated reflective targets are mounted at a right angle to the frame, one in the front and one in the rear. This determines the frame centerline.

The cameras measures at which angle the axle is positioned relative to the centerline of the frame, and shows necessary corrections on the screen.



  • Wireless communication
  • Very short cycle time
  • Pre-calibrated hub adapters eliminates need for run-out compensation
  • Complete documentation of every vehicle in a database
  • Secure process by easy step-by- step software
  • Measurement can only be ended and stored when all values are within tolerance

Download Brochure

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