TruckCam is a brand of Car-O-Liner Group. The TruckCam brand features innovative and efficient products for wheel alignment as well as ACC and Lane Departure Warning Systems based on patented camera technology. As one of the leading brands for alignment equipment, our industrial solutions are exported to more than 30 countries and our brand is well represented by our world wide dealer network.

TruckCam is a growing brand with continous development of new products and measurement methods for vehicle manufacturers. At the industrial solutions headquarters in Katrineholm, a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers are working with the most modern tools including 3D CAD for designing mechanical parts, electronics and software.

With our own software department, we are able to make the software for our industrial solutions to our customer’s specifications or needs. This allows us to be very flexible if the customer change in their production processes, hence changing their requirements for their TruckCam products.